"Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. 

When you become a leader, success is all about growing others."                                   

                       - Jack Welch


Our Sales Training is Proven to Grow Top Line Revenues

About Us

Mary Laudati Consulting is the game-changer every organization needs. Mary and her team of experts bring science into building brand loyalty and driving sales.


It all begins with meaningful conversations.


Mary has developed a proven methodology and service offering that guarantees her clients' success in achieving their goals. Through creating an energetic sales culture, Mary offers a unique model that combines sales with the perfect mix of marketing to deliver the appropriate cost-per-sale, resulting in sustainable growth. Her sales training is proven to develop invigorated sales teams that grow top line revenues.

What We Do
Mary Laudati Corporate Culture
Mary Laudati Sales Training
Mary Laudati Corporate Culture
Mary Laudati Marketing Consulting

Corporate-Culture Building

Leadership & Sales Training

Top Talent Recruiting

Marketing & IT Consulting

 What We Deliver
A Supportive and Winning Culture
  • Understanding that the culture engine is a framework for driving results, inspiring your employees and transforming the workplace
  • Exploring the leader’s role as the primary creator of the organization’s culture
  • Learning and understanding values as the core of your company’s culture
  • Hiring top talent, especially salespeople
Improved Systems
  • Evaluating the numbers vital to grow your business
  • Comparing lead management software systems to display sales team production
  • Determining marketing ROI’s and gaining numerous key performance indicators
  • How to recruit, hire and on-board sales talent
  • Setting reasonable expectations and goals
  • Implementing compensation plans that motivate your team and drive results
  • Creating effective customer and employee loyalty programs
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