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Our Services

Corporate-Culture Building

Management Workshop:
  • Establishing Core Values

  • Hiring for Culture Fit

  • Employee Engagement and Happiness

  • Employee Development and Training

  • Employee Benefits and Wellness

  • Onboarding and Culture Immersion

Leadership Training

Management Workshop:

  • How to Recruit Exceptional Talent for Your Organization

  • Compensation Plans to Attract Talent with Proven Results

  • Develop a Prospecting Mentality with Your Team Members

  • Communication Skills to Motivate and Inspire

  • Creating a Team Environment Between All Departments

  • Leading Your Team; Daily, Weekly and Monthly

  • Software Systems to Manage Sales Teams' Production, Organize Sales Leads to Determine ROI and Display Key Performance Indicators

  • Creating an Employee Loyalty Program

Project Management

Management Workshop:

  • Characteristics of a Successful Sales Professional and the Master Sales Professional

  • Phone Skills and Techniques to Create More Appointments and Referrals   

  • Needs Analysis of Future Client to Increase Buying Desire

  • The Presentation of Your People, Programs and Business

  • Asking for the Sale

  • Overcoming Objections

  • Effective Prospect Follow-Up

  • Referral Prospecting

  • Lead Generation Programs

  • Establishing an Outside/Corporate Sales Program

Top Talent Recruiting

Let us find the best-qualified candidates for various openings within your company:

  • Management

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Hospitality

  • Finance & Accounting

  • IT & Tech Support


We partner with a premier, boutique consulting firm to provide our clients with comprehensive marketing services. As specialists in the health & wellness, travel, non-profit, financial, and professional-services industries, we offer the following:

  • Assessment of Companies’ Current Positioning and Opportunities

  • Brand Identity and Development

  • Web, Social and Digital Strategies

  • PR and Content Marketing

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Event Support

IT Consulting

We support our clients' IT initiatives by providing strategic, architectural, operational and implementation planning, including:

  • Utlizing emerging technologies and platforms

  • Lead management and full-scale CRM systems

  • Rollout and testing of new software solutions

  • Hardware and infrastructure

  • Remote and virtual systems

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